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Want your car signed to?

High quality vector

of your own car

We create a high quality image of your car and place it on a mobile phone case, shirt, sweater, hoodie, mug, clock, canvas and much more..

Always Be Recognized At a Car Show

Feel the power of your own car on a shirt during a car show. Visitors recognize you immediately! how sick is that!

Also other great slammed products

mobile phone covers, clocks and mugs with your own car on it, how sick is that. After we create the vector, the possibilities are almost unlimited

Your own car as a high quality vector!

We offer different packages, below are the most chosen packages by the customer. Take a look at the product page for more information.
Features Regular Premium Elite
We sign your car digitally
Coloring page of your car
Slammed car packaging
Shirt with car
Custom Background
Multicolor Decals,
Canvas Arts,
Stickers from your car or a nice canvas for above the couch! You can create the design with us so that you have a unique piece of art on the wall.

The Best Quality On The Market! Slammed.NL

Maybe there are others, but we are the first and the best! In high quality vector and original on different products such as Shirts, Sweaters, GSM Covers, Mugs, Clocks and much more.